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 I have played the musical, The Secret Garden, a few times in my career, and I have to say, the percussion scoring is a bit unconventional.  The song "Wick" is no exception.  It starts off with guitar, played on the MalletKat.  Once into the groove section, the parts calls for "shaker", but what I heard on the original recording sounded more like sleigh bell sixteenth notes. I decided to program the DrumKat, and assigning the sleigh bells, tambourine, and bass drum on the pads.  I even layered some of the sounds on top of one another other as well.  For example, the bass drum & sleigh bells are layered on one of the pads so the sounds can be played together.  Just watch and see.  I did the same thing with the tambourine & sleigh bells.  By using this approach, I eliminated the need for a conventional bass drum, and then having to try to find a way of playing sixteenth notes on sleigh bells.  

Recorded live at the Cairn University Theater, Langhorn, PA.

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