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"When You're An Addams"

​ This is the opening number of the show, and it calls for 2 conga drums playing a sort of Afro-Cuban rhythm, and the way this pit(or better yet, a closet), was set up, there really was no room to set up congas to the left of the high hat.  So I decide to use samples, and assign them to the Sample Pad 4.  That multi-pad doesn't take up a lot of real estate, so I was able to sneak it in between the high hat & snare drum. I also plugged in 2 Roland pads into the trigger out's of the unit as well.  Therefore, I could place other sounds/sound effects on them, as the part calls for it.  By using the SamplePad, I was able to get real clean conga drum "slaps", and still us drum sticks.  That made a much cleaner transition to the drum set, in where I had to also created that same type Afro-Cuban feel.   You'll also see and hear the "sonic boom' sound I assigned to one of those Roland pads too!

Recorded live at the Cabrini University Theater, Wayne, PA.

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