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"Thuy's Intervention/If You Want To Die In Bed"

Another one of those "hold on for dear life" moments in the musical, Miss Saigon.  I used some 16" jing cymbals for the dragon march at the beginning, along with a Taiko drum.  Later on, there were quick and tricky timpani to xylophone parts, in where incorporating the MalletKat allowed me not to have to switch mallets.  There were so many MalletKat patch changes just to be able to keep up with the music and play all the right sounds.  It just never stopped.   The coordination of pre-setting mallets, timpani tuning changes, tempo changes, MalletKat patch changes, beating the shit out of gongs, using the "hang" feature on the MalletKat.  I would not want to have subbed this book the way I programmed this number.  Once again, a lot of pre-production, choreography, and shedding the part.  When it was all completed, all the part were played and heard in the correct spots and context.  Hope you enjoy it!

Recorded live at the Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA

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