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"The Wedding"

 One of the most beautiful songs from the musical, Miss Saigon, the wedding scene calls for some very airy, sparse, & transparent percussion.  There is also some "call and response" between the xylophone and marimba in the beginning. In this number, there are 3 & 4 mallet chords played on a marimba patch on the MalletKat, with some weaving in of temple blocks.  I set up the temple blocks to the left, so I could easily go back and forth between the 2 instruments.  Other sounds used for this number on the MalletKat include glockenspiel, crotales, and at the end, gamalon.  Using and programming the MalletKat is a must for this show.  There are way too many fast instrument changes.  And if that wasn't enough, the show plays straight through, with no book scenes or music breaks!

Recorded live at the Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA.

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