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"The Day Off"

​There is way too much going on her for me to try to explain it, so just take it all in.  I call this one the Concerto for Pots & Pans.  Just about the entire rig is used in this number.  Not an easy one to play, as with most Sondheim musicals.  The triangle rolls in unison with piano is one of my favorite spots, as well as the vibra-slap and cabasa interplay.  This is over 9 minutes of constant playing, constant  changing of instruments, and constant changing of mallets.  The pots and pans were selected for their specific pitches, if you can believe that.  I was really super proud of how I interpreted and executed this part, and the entire Sunday In The Park With George production.  I hope you agree. Here, you can also see how the large projection screen was used in the show.

Recorded live at the Arden Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA

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