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"Six Languages"

​The Spelling Bee might be a silly show, but the percussion parts are most challenging.  "Six Languages" has you jumping from instrument to instrument with no time to even think about what is coming next.  I used the Rhythm Tech "Scratcher", which is a mounted cabasa for the beginning, in where the part calls for short and long timbres.  I was able to get the sounds by tapping the Scratcher with the soft end of a hard felt mallet, and use my hand for the long, sweeping notes.  I set the MalletKat up in a "hang"mode, so I could quickly get from a xylophone to a vibraphone with no time to switch a patch.  Then you also have to drop the mallets quickly to get the the fast moving bongo part.  Then you have get to the tambourine part, while also getting the finger cymbal mallet ready.  Then finally, you get to the home stretch with a timpani patch once again on the MalletKat.  All in all, one of the most challenging numbers in the show.

Recorded live at the Cabrini University Theater, Wayne, PA.

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