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"Kim's Nightmare"

 This is considered the climax of the musical, Miss Saigon, in where the helicopter lands.....

There is a lot going on here. MalletKat and timpani, and then there is the double-duty part, in where the orchestrator expected me to cover both the timpani and xylophone...simultaneously.  Then we go into some tricky odd time signatures.  Check out the MalletKat change from xylophone to "boo-bams" at 4:23.  Then at 5:30, there is tam-tam with a quick juggle of mallets to get to the timpani part. Almost having me spin in a complete circle. Then it continues with big gong sounds, and ends with the majestic and broad timpani.

The MalletKat program changes were challenging to say the least.  This number was a wild ride!

Recorded live at the Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA

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