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"Farm Dance"

 From the musical, Gypsy, The Farm Dance posed some logistical problems for me. The part calls for a descending slide whistle being played at the very same time a s a snare drum roll. I didn't want to leave either part out, so what I figured out how to do it all was this: 
I sampled my slide whistle, at about a 2 1/2 second decent, and assigned it to one of the pads on the Alesis SamplePad 4.  By simultaneously starting the snare drum roll with my left hand, and striking the electronic pad with my right, I was able to play both parts quite convincingly.  In addition, I sampled a timbale cowbell, a Vaughncraft woodblock, and 1 timpani note, and assigned them all to the SamplePad 4 as well. The samples were all of my own acoustic instruments. 

Recorded live at the Arden Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA

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