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"Call Me"

I was fortunate enough to play for this New York out-of-town try out of the musical, "A Sign Of The Times" at the Delaware Theater Company in Wilmington.  Basically a 60's juke-box style musical. The iconic "Call Me " was one of the numbers in the show. It called for 4 mallet vibraphone, glockenspiel, & shaker. An up-tempo bossa-nova, the beautiful jazz chord changes come up pretty quickly, so I had to stay on top of all the action.  For the 60's sound, the vibrato motor really added a real periodic sound as well.  I was also very honored to work with Broadway veteran drummer, Ray Marchica, as well as Broadway arranger & orchestrator, Joseph Church. A very busy percussion part, it kept me on my toes during the whole run.

Recorded live at the Delaware Theater Company, Wilmington, DE.

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