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"Alabama Ladies"

 This was from the musical, The Scottsboro Boys.  A very typical 2 step show groove, in which I used the bundle-sticks for the beginning, instead of the suggested brushes.  I was able to get out those rolls on the snare drum a little cleaner and tighter.  I moved to drum sticks later in the number.  The choreographer, the infamous Susan Stroman from New York asked me to play those accents in the middle as loud as I possibly could for some stage biz.  I normally wouldn't be smacking the shit out of the snare drum and floor tom otherwise!  This was an excellent production, and John Kander, the composer was even on hand for opening night.  A very though provoking musical, and was conducted by an excellent and thorough musical director, Eric Ebbenga.

Recorded live at the Suzanne Roberts Theater, Philadelphia Theater Company, Philadelphia., PA.

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