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West Side Story

 One of the greatest, most challenging, and most fun musicals for any drummer or percussionist to play.  One of the challenges is trying to play 2 or 3 books...with only 1 player, which can be the case quite often.  Usually, the concert tom solo in the "Prologue", and the bongos in the "Mambo" are played in one of the percussion books, so I had t do a lot of cutting and pasting of parts.  What I also decided in order to preserve space in this small pit, was to use 4 Roto-toms for the concert tom solos.  This gave me a different timbre than the conventional drum set drums.  I also used a small snare drum with the snares disengaged for a timbale sound(to the left of the high hat).  From left to right: Bongos, finger cymbal machine, small snare drum, mambo cowbell, Jam block, drum set, drum set tambourine, 4 Roto-toms, triangle machine.

Photo taken on site  at the Media Theater, Media, PA

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