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The Threepenny Opera

A very dark show to perform, Threepenny requires quite a bit of unconventional playing.  I decided to try to use some period-like instruments, as stated in German in the score, such as real Chinese tom toms, a real wood block, and authentic period style hat high hat cymbals.  This way, I could blend well with the other acoustic playing musicians in the above-stage loft orchestra.  As usual, I was completely surrounded by instruments.  From far, right hand corner to left: suspended cymbal, 3 timpani drums, selected chime notes, real wood block, small china china cymbal, small 12" snare drum, 2 authentic Chinese tom toms, authentic low-hat high hat cymbals(held together by cord), smaller suspended cymbal, concert bass drum glockenspiel, tenor drum, 18" wind gong. 

 Photo taken on site at the Arden Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA

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