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The Secret Garden

A very unique percussion score that also incorporates guitar parts and other stringed instruments. The part actually calls for the use of the MalletKat for this very reason, and since I was going to using electronic instrument sounds for a large part of the show, I decided I was going to go with electronic percussion sounds as well, and assign them to the pads of the DrumKat. This way, I had the MalletKat controller right in front of me as the main focal point, and all the incidental percussion could be played above, and to the left. This way, I didn't need to set up a conventional drum set, and I could really get a much better balance of sounds between the 2 controllers. Any of the bass drum parts were played using an electronic foot pedal on the floor. Some of the sounds, of course could really never be well duplicated electronically, so I did add some acoustic instruments to this unconventional set up as well. From left to right: Suspended cymbal, DrumKat, round gong plate, MalletKat, ship's bell, bell tree, mark tree.

Photo taken on site at the Chatlos Chapel Theater on the campus of Cairn University, Langhorne, PA

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