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The Scottsboro Boys

This show was written for 1 player, and a lot of instruments.  As you can see, I was completely surrounded.  The tricky part of this set up was the placement of the 5 temple blocks.  There is a part in the song, "Electric Chair' in where I had to play fast 16th notes for 1 measure, and then get quickly to the drum set.  The best place I decided for the placement was right over the rack tom, so I had to give up that ideal crash cymbal position.  The cymbal set up kind of cascaded down from left to right.  The music was very period oriented, so the smaller crashes and splash cymbals are what I chose, along with a small china cymbal.  The instruments I used(from left to right): Tambourine w/head, 2 anvils, xylophone, glockenspiel, 6" splash cymbal, bell tree, 5 temple blocks, wood block, drum set , drum set tambourine, triangle machine, mark tree, and 36" concert bass drum.

Photo taken on site at the Suzanne Roberts Theater, Philadelphia Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA 

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