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Sweeney Todd

This iconic Sondheim is another one of those challenging shows to play.  A very busy, multi-percussion part and set-up. What is very interesting about this one, is that there are xylophone parts that need to be played while playing bass drum.  That is why I placed a drum set type bass drum right under the xylophone.  In addition, there are some pretty quick chime parts that are tied into some tam-tam and bass drum parts.  It was very challenging in trying to incorporate the right set up to get to all the instruments on time.  I also used a triangle machine...that I could move around to different areas for the set up to accommodate the different instrument combinations.  I played a few different productions of this one. From left to right: Vibraphone, glockenspiel, concert snare drum, suspended cymbal, xylophone, drum set bass drum, triangle machine, chimes, 3 Roto-toms(not in the picture), 2 timpani drums. 

 Photo taken on site at the St. Joseph's Preparatory School Theater, Philadelphia, PA

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