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Sunday In The Park With George

  Hard to make any statements about this one, except, that's a lot of shit!  The orchestra for SITP was behind a large video screen(on right) behind the stage.  Completely surround by instruments, here goes:  From left to right:  Concert bass drum, 5 Roto-toms, 5 concert toms, kabuki clappers, triangle machine, small snare drum, high hat, 5 temple blocks,2 octaves of crotales, suspended cymbal, vibraphone, sand paper blocks(on floor),ship's bell, hanging finger cymbal, mounted cabasa, triangle, 5 pitched pots & pans, glockenspiel, glass wind chimes, large wind gong, 3 timpani, suspended cymbal.

Photo taken on site at the Arden Theater Company in Philadelphia, PA

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