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Pacific Overtures

My setup (from left to right): Trap table for mallets, ankle bells,bell plate, 5 temple blocks, 22” wind gong, TreeWorks finger cymbal tree,Deagan orchestra bells, Deagan pit xylophone, Spectrasound mark tree, Danmar triangle machine,bell tree, bongos, 10” roto-tom, 12” snare drum,12” tom, 15” suspended cymbal,16” floor tom, 20” bass drum w/pedal, maraca, tambourine w/calf head, claves.  Special thanks to Mike Balter Mallets for custom crafting several double ended mallets needed to execute the part correctly.  I actually performed this musical using 15 different pairs of mallets.

Photo taken on site in the orchestra loft at the Arden Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA

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