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Miss Saigon-Percussion 2

The Percussion 2 part in Miss Saigon is really mostly the "drum set" book, with some incidental xylophone parts thrown in as well.  There were many times in where I had to get wood blocks, temple blocks, and Roto-toms very quickly, so designing the set up ended up being a bit challenging.  I was able to assign many of the ethnic drum and percussion parts to the DrumKat, as this is what master percussionist Howie Joines did in the Broadway production.  In addition, I found a logistical way of mounting the Roto-toms-right over the 2 rack toms on the drum set, so that in the number, "Kim's Nightmare", I was able to  shift my hands up to the Roto-toms very quickly and seamlessly.  What you can hardly see is the bass drum foot pedal set up.  I used an acoustical bass drum, but also had a trigger mounted to trigger augmented, more ambient bass drum sounds.  Also, I used a separate electronic bass drum pedal when I wanted just the electronic triggered sounds without the acoustic B.D.  Most of this was used in the song, "March Of The Dragons".  My set up included, from left to right:Xylophone, selected crotales,temple cup gong,mark tree, 5 temple blocks, 3 piccolo wood blocks, Drumkat, drum set, 2 Roto-toms,Peking opera gong, large tam-tam(not in the picture)

Photo taken on site at the Lenape Performing Arts Theater in Marlton, NJ

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