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Little Women

A show with an abundance of mallet percussion and timpani, and in a space where there was no room for any of that, I had little choice but to use the MalletKat.  I also had to incorporate a bass drum, snare drum, high hat, and floor tom into the space, so the bass drum is placed under the MalletKat.  Other incidental percussion included a suspended cymbal, triangle machine, drum set tambourine, bell tree, & mark tree, sleigh bells, wood block and energy chimes. This type of a show is mostly chamber music style playing with a couple of show "2" feels as well.  For the most part, I just had to play all the chromatic percussion.  The orchestrations are so beautiful, that I just wanted to stay out of the way and support the other instruments.  There are also some fairly challenging rudimental snare drum parts that had to be mastered. The show features 5 female actors/singers, so I had to make sure I played "delicately"; just to provide colors around the women's beautiful voices.  A good feeling and slightly different show than your conventional musical. 

Photo taken on site at the Kelsey Theater, Trenton, NJ

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