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Legally Blonde

For this type of show, I wanted to use  a contemporary kit to get a lot of depth and attack.  I also chose to use my 6 1/2" x 14' acrylic model. It gave me depth, while still maintaining some top end presence.  I also chose cymbals that were going to sound more modern and aggressive.  The combination included 13" Zildjian Mastersound high hats, a Wuhan 10" splash, a Paiste 14" Sound Formula Crystal crash, a Bosphorus 13" crash, a 20" Zildjian earth ride, a 16" Zildjian a Custom crash, and a Zildjian 18" China Boy High(inverted).  I really wanted to offer the show many different colors and sounds from the drums.  There are many times during the show in where the drums tend to drive the show's momentum forward.  In addition, there are times in where styles and grooves change pretty quickly.  I chose to add in an additional utility snare drum for some of those moments, such as the reggae feels and the hip-hop/James Brown sections.  Legally Blonde is a musical in where you have to have a lot of endurance and energy from start to finish, so I always kept in the back of my mind to stay on top of the beat.

Photo taken on site at the Bluett Theater, St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA.

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