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 The score for this classic is written for 1 player, but it is very difficult and not logistically sound to be able to cover all the parts.  The timpani parts call for low E's, and some of the highest pitches are the high E's, so you really need 3 drums. I was fortunate enough this time to have plenty of room.  Along with a conventional 4 piece drum set, the part also calls for xylophone and glockenspiel as well.  What I found interesting and challenging was the fact that while there were snare drum/bass drum cues(when introducing Dainty June), there were ongoing timpani rolls at the same time.  My solution was to sample the snare drum and bass drum, assign them to an electronic pedal on the floor next to the timpani, play the timpani roll while catching the snare/bass drum cues with the electronic trigger pedal.  This way, I was able to cover all the parts, that repeat a few times during the show.  Same with some of the timpani cues.  I sampled the timpani in the room, assigned the sounds to the Alesis SamplePad, and was able to get to all the timpani stuff I had not time to turn around for while playing the set.  To make matters more challenging, I was playing remotely from the basement of the theater, while all the other musicians were playing 1 floor up.  

Photo take on site at the Arden Theater Company, Philadelphia, PA

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