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Any music written by Leonard Bernstein is going to be difficult, and in most cases, there is a designated percussion "section" to cover all the parts.  Not the case with the Broadway version of Candide.  It's written for 1 player. 

Of course, the orchestrator had to leave out many parts to make it work.  There was one part in particular that I knew from the orchestral score that to me, did not sound right without the the bass drum and cymbals, and that was in the Overture in where the timpani are playing alternating 4ths and pedaling alternate 5ths.  Pretty impossible to play anything else while you're pedaling timpani.  What I did was assign a crash cymbal/concert bass drum layer patch to 2 KickKat electronic pedals next to the timpani tuning pedals.  This allowed me to play the bass drum/cymbal part with my 1 foot, while pedaling the timpani with the other. It was tricky....Also used the MalletKat controller to play all the marimba, xylophone, and glockenspiel parts.  Other instruments included a Danmar triangle machine, 2 wood(jam) blocks, 4 chime tubes, mark tree, 2 suspended cymbals, china cymbal, large wind gong, concert snare drum, 2 tenor drums, a Brady 7" x 10" snare drum, concert bass drum and a high hat. 

Photo taken on site at the Arden Theater in Philadelphia, PA

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