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 There are actually 2 different bands for this musical; the "pit" band(which is supposed to be in the orchestra pit) and the "stage" band which performs on stage with the actors.  Most productions use the same band for both, and combine the different music books(there are 3 drum and percussion books!).  That is what we did, and I put together my own book for future reference.  The music is very period oriented, so I tried to adhere to the types of sounds a cabaret show drummer would have used.  I decided to use 3 different sized splashes and 2 small crashes to get that vaudeville sound and style. I also used a metal snare drum with no muffling and a lot of ring for the rim shots and back beats.  My set up included a 4 piece drum set, castanets, orchestra bells, drum set tambourine, small cowbell, 2 Jam Blocks, triangle machine, 6", 8", 10" splash cymbals, 12" &14" crashes, and 14" high hats. 

 Photo taken on site at the Media Theater,  Media, PA

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