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A book that has many different styles of playing to master, I decided to use the Yamaha birch drums to get a very modern and contemporary sound.   For most of the auxiliary percussion and sound effects, I chose to use the DrumKat controller.  Batboy is a bit of a "spooky" show, with big boomy effects that I found easy to assign to some of the DrumKat pads.  In addition, there are hip-hop/rap feel songs that need that electronic/Simmons-like sounds, which I also programmed to the DrumKat.  As far as the acoustic kit, I used the 10", 12", and 14" suspended toms tuned fairly low, and an Akira Jimbo 7" x 13" maple snare drum.  The Paiste Sound Formula 16' & 14" crashes gave me the shimmering modern crash sounds that blended well with the ensemble.  I also chose a Zildjian 20' Earth ride, which is a bit of an odd choice, but I wanted the ride sound to be real dry and out of the way.  Also on the kit, I used a Paiste 10" Sound Formula Reflector splash and an LP small ice bell. If you ever get the chance to play Batboy, jump on the opportunity.  A very unique and funny show with some interesting and challenging drum and percussion playing. 

Photo taken on site at the Villanova University Theatre, Villanova, PA.

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