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Aspects Of Love

One of my all time favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber shows, Aspects is mostly an orchestral operetta.  Mostly, there is a lot of timpani playing, so I decided to use 4 drums.  This allowed my to pre-tune some of the parts without having to re-tune or pedal through some of the numbers.  There are also some beautiful cymbal rolls, and the part called for 2 different pitches. Mostly, the percussion part is strictly a supporting, chamber music type, and staying out of the way is often the case.  Some wonderful warm timpani rolls really adds to the romanticism of the story.   Also for the show, for some of the light orchestral snare drum parts, I decided to go with a 7" x 12" soprano snare, and that worked out very well with the small musical ensemble.  Other percussion included a 28" wind gong, small triangle, tambourine and high hat.

Photo taken on site at The Media Theater, in Media, PA

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