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Altar Boyz

Altar Boyz requires all electronic drum sounds, as it is to replicate the recordings of the "boy bands" of the 1990's.  I decided to use a DrumKat with some additions to re-create to sounds, and also the look of that era.  What is really an advantage of the DrumKat versus some other percussion controllers is that it has a pad layout like a conventional acoustic drum kit.  Therefore, you can roll around the toms as you would do on a conventional kit.  I also like the idea of using full sized electronic cymbal pads so that they react and move like acoustic cymbals.  Since the score calls for an all electronic set up, I took full advantage of setting up different kits for different songs, making each song sound a little different by interchanging kick, snare, toms, cymbals, and sound effects.  There was quite a bit of pre-production programming involved, so preparing wasn't easy, but once I got it all right and tweaked, the end result was a very rewarding and an accurate sounding production. 

Photo take on site at the Media Theater, Media, PA

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