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This show required quite a bit of preparation and electronic programming.  First, the acoustic drum parts are fairly demanding, and you have to know how to switch to many different styles.  Fast rock, reggae, power ballads, hip-hop...the list goes on.  I used the DrumKat to trigger many of the ethnic specific sounds that are required.  Even at the beginning of the show, I programmed 2 shaker sounds on 2 of the pads to get a real steady and authentic substitution.  There are also old school Simmons tom sounds that needed to be triggered with a "sonic boom" button.  You can hear that on my sound clip page for "Another Pyramid".  In addition, "Dance of the Robe" required tablas, Burma bell, and Egyptian tambourine sounds. Also on the sound clip page.The DrumKat, paired with a sampler/sound module/laptop programs enabled me to have all these sounds right there in front of me, without having to pick up a barrage of other instruments. I also used triggers in the kick drum and snare drum for the power ballads to add some extra electronic depth and resonance, as well as a kick drum electronic pedal for some alternative electronic compressed kick drum sounds in certain songs.  A very involved set up.  This allowed me to get completely different entire kit sounds for different songs. 

Photo taken on site at The Media Theater, Media, PA.

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