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Recording Customs_edited.jpg

1994 Yamaha Recording Custom Series

Stage White Lacquer Finish​​​

I have been playing Yamaha Recording Series drums since 1985. The drums have a very identifiable distinct sound that work in every playing situation. The birch shells give the drums low fundamental pitch combined with punch and attack. I choose to use these drums on gigs with amplified and electronic instruments because the warm tone just cuts right through. In addition, each individual drum has its own individual focused sound that does not turn into a wash of noise when playing fast passages between the toms. The sizes are a 16”x 22” bass drum, and 10”x10”, 10’x12”, 12”x14”, 14”x16” suspended toms.  I also have a 16"x20" alternate bass drum that can be switched out when a smaller drum is needed. ​

Photo taken on site at Oran Sans Cathedral, New York City

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