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Wasting Away On Sunday"

 This is actually a clip from the song, "The Day Off", from Sondheim's Sunday In The Park With George, in where the percussion part calls for dialogue between 4 pots and/or pans and a concert bass drum.  Then it moves to some temple blocks, triangle, and even timpani.  I wanted to keep the pots & pans pretty much right in front of me, so I could actually get to all the other surrounding  percussive colors the orchestrator threw in.  The bass drum was a bit of a stretch, but that is where it had to live for the production.  I had to play 4 quick 16th notes on the pots, with the 5th note being the timpani, so those instruments need to be in close proximity.  The whole thing moves kind of swift, and then immediately, when we get back to the chorus section, I had to jump to the 5 concert toms, which were right in front of the camera.  "Wasting Away On Sunday' should really be on the excerpt list of musical theater percussionists to master.  One of the most difficult of all multi-percussion shows!

Recorded live at the Arden Theatre Company, Philadelphia, PA

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